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What does the Renewable Heat Incentive mean for Masterplan clients?

Alternative energyIt’s been a long time coming but it appears the Renewable Heat Incentive is finally, almost here. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has today announced the tariff levels to be paid to homeowners installing low carbon heating technologies and solar hot water systems. So what does this mean for our future customers?

Starting today, we will use these figures to calculate predicted RHI payments for all clients who may benefit from renewable heating. For homeowners who are living in large, detached properties which are off the national gas network and currently paying high prices for oil and electricity, the RHI makes moving to alternative sources of heating and hot water a viable option; by addressing both the high capital cost of installing these systems and accounting for the difference in fuel costs through front-loading the payments.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is set to come into place next spring but anyone who has installed one of these systems since July 2009 will be eligible for the payments – assuming they comply with the other conditions of the scheme. This means that now is the ideal time to start thinking about whether any of these technologies could reduce your fuel bills. While you’re at it though, why not look at all of the appropriate measures which could save you money and reduce your environmental impact?! For more information on our Home Energy Masterplan service and how we can model RHI predicted payments for your property give us a call on 020 8874 6433 or contact us via the website.

Stay warm!