A net zero plan for every home in the country, now.

Our software provides homeowners with a passport to a 21st century home, with a renovation roadmap and links to suppliers.

We are now welcoming expressions of interest from partners, including the supply chain and finance providers, to support expansion of our homeowner advice service under your brand or ours.

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Link to Cosy Homes OxfordshireWe’re a one-stop home retrofit service, making it simple to make energy efficiency improvements to homes in Oxfordshire.

Link to EcofurbEcofurb is the end-to-end home renovation service for Greater London. We help homeowners plan energy efficiency improvements, give impartial advice and oversee the works.

Link to Your Home BetterYour Home Better is a one-stop-shop for Greater Manchester setup to support you with what you need to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Plan YOUR REtrofit.

And get help from trusted partners.

You want to reduce your energy bills or your carbon emissions. We can test all the options suitable for your home and goals to provide a renovation roadmap.

    • We give independent advice.
    • You set your targets and budget.
    • You can adapt your plan.
    • You control your data.
    • We link to expert support.

Check above to see if we already offer services in your area, or register interest in our services below.

Passport for partners

Do you want to offer your customers independent advice they can trust?

We can deliver Retrofit Passports under your brand or via an API.

  • Attract and assist customers with independent advice.
  • Qualify leads through support not a sales pitch.
  • Offer your services locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Option of retrofit coordination to validate installation.

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Passport for Public Sector

Offer a renovation roadmap to your residents and/or customers.

Our service offer to the public sector recognises budget constraints, with options from simple advice to end-to-end retrofit service with trusted installers.

  • Offer basic advice under your Pathways’ licence
  • Apply your brand or deliver an arms-length service
  • Educate and empower home-owners
  • Option to link to retrofit coordination and trusted suppliers


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What is a Retrofit Passport?

Retrofit Passports offer a way to assess and track energy efficiency and decarbonisation improvements over time.

Building Renovation Passports (BRPs) contain a digital logbook with information about the property, its operational performance and historic renovations; and a long-term renovation roadmap that identifies future retrofit measures, along with links to contractors and finance options.

Green Finance Institute

Diagram setting out benefits of building renovation passports for different stakeholders in the built environment.

As a member of the Green Finance Institute’s Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (CEEB), Parity Projects informed the development of a standardised framework for renovation passports. Views differ on what they should include, and the model will adapt over time, but there is agreement on the importance and urgency of retrofit plans and quality assurance, which is Parity Projects’ expertise.

Why use Parity Projects?

Parity Projects’ has nearly 20 years’ experience of providing quality and independent retrofit advice to homeowners, from individuals to the largest landlords.

We applied our experience of giving deep in-home advice to develop software that offers value both to the home-owner and the supply chain. It has proven its value through end-to-end retrofit services in Greater London, Oxfordshire and Greater Manchester.

We currently advise the owners of over 1.5 million homes on their net zero plans, across all tenures, property types and ages.

Is it free?

Our partners have the option of offering it free to their customers or applying an upfront fee.

We know it has a value from experience:

  • fills the gaps in open data to offer more options
  • informs and empowers customers to make confident decisions
  • qualifies leads to reduce unnecessary surveys
  • identifies options
    • route to net zero
    • meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards
    • test funding eligibility

How will my data be used?

We support data portability. That is to say that once a home-owner has created a plan, they own that data and can choose who they share it with.

We monitor use of the service to understand demand and share insights with the purpose of improving the availability and quality of services. It is vital that the supply chain responds to demand.

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