We are in a climate emergency. The age of single measures is over and every house needs a holistic plan.

Pathways provides local authorities with a plan for every property, whatever the tenure; in a format that is collatable and comparable with other sectors, in order to identify your least cost route to Net Zero.

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Our services model how to decarbonise UK housing as far as possible, with existing technologies. The sooner we identify the quickest and most cost-effective route, the sooner we can start moving along it.

Evidence-based decisions

Use data to model options for policy and programme development

Recognise differences

Model the options for every home, not archetypes

Tailor programmes

Analytics layer property, flood risk and socio-economic data

Find efficiencies

Pathways test 2400 interventions, with up-to-date market pricing

Meet goals

Pathways test routes to carbon, SAP and fuel poverty goals

Drive green recovery

Pathways identify job opportunities in all related trades


How do you prepare a Net Zero Strategy for Housing?

Our approach recognises that every house and every resident are unique.

At its core, our service looks at the technical interventions necessary to decarbonise housing in three steps

  • Baseline: identifies current carbon emissions from the housing stock, along with estimated fuel bills and energy use
  • Business as Usual: applies the impact of policies and programmes already planned for the homes, whether those are national, local or landlord-specific
  • Net Zero Scenarios: calculates a least cost route for each home to meet our clients’ targets, with exceptions-reporting where no combination of measures can deliver what is required.

Once the technical potential is understood, we move to the real world where the place or its people may require a more tailored approach

  • Client data, such as conservation area maps, is layered over the scenarios to remove technologies that are not suited to the location
  • Demographic data is layered over the scenarios to identify what is needed to get help to those in need, and tailor engagement to residents’ needs and interests.

Together this gives us a whole house plan for each home, to reduce its carbon emissions as cost-effectively as possible, in a way that reflects the needs of the place and its residents.

Can we use Pathways to analyse Council-owned stock?

Landlords require our Portfolio service to analyse Council-owned stock.

The Portfolio service incorporates the full data that Councils hold on their own stock to provide greater accuracy, and gives the user more freedom to configure their own scenarios.



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