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Trying to build a green home but its turning a bit blue..
The rear of the house was a bit funny as it had an extension added onto the top in 1994.  This means its part solid brick and part blockwork at the top. Or put another way, part terrible insulation and part reasonable but not amazing.And we don’t think it is very attractive either. BeforeAnother point is that there isn’t all that much space inside to be adding internal insulation. So we decided to insulate on the outside – external wall insulation.

During I

So first of all the 90mm of phenolic insulation is fixed using a mixture of adhesive and mechanical fixings. This is the pink phase…


During IINext the whole lot is given its first render coat on a mesh.  The grey phase.  The strange shape is where the extensions are going to be.The final top coat is then applied – when you have a 6 hour minimum dry period expected.  The pictures below show the almost finished product – still needs the window sills to be installed and the downpipe to be connected.

These walls are now a minimum of 50% better than Building Regulations or about U = 0.2.

What are your views on the blue?  We like it.

Almost done