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There are various online tools, which anyone with a spare ten minutes can use to create a model of the energy use within their home. While we see these as a good way to promote energy efficiency and open peoples eyes to what could be achieved in their property, they do not come close to the level of detail which a bespoke analysis such as our Home Energy Masterplan service will provide you with, both in terms of analysing how and where energy is being used within your home and the measures you can take to make it more energy efficient.

What makes these tools less accurate than a Home Energy Masterplan?

These tools are generally based on RdSAP (reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure) the tool used to create an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for a property. RdSAP is a benchmarking tool as opposed to a detailed model of the energy use within a property, and was not designed to be used as a ‘base case’ from which to model energy efficiency measures. It provides a rough guide as to the energy efficiency of a property based on a range of default values and usage patterns. What these online tools do is to take RdSAP and simplify it even further, adding in more default values and therefore less accuracy. In essence what these tools are based on is RdRdSAP!

What level of detail does the Home Energy Masterplan service offer?

Our individually tailored Home Energy Masterplan service has been designed to offer a market leading analysis of your home. Unlike these online tools, we believe that in order to accurately model the savings and paybacks of applying low energy retro-fit measures to your home we must create a detailed model of both its physical elements and how you use it. There’s no point in telling a homeowner to insulate a wall with 100mm of PIR insulation in a room they never heat, or advising a couple who work from home to turn down the heating during the day. During our survey we will discuss with you exactly how you use your home, as well as what you are looking to achieve within your budget.