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Webinar: Housing Challenges for London Local Authorities

Discover valuable insights from our exclusive webinar recording tailored for London local authorities.

Housing Challenges

London local authorities face significant challenges in housing, from health risks like damp and mould to the urgent need for retrofitting to meet Net Zero goals. Efficient resource deployment depends on accessing the right data through smart analysis and housing software to identify impactful opportunities.

Pathways provides comprehensive energy performance data and scenario modelling for all homes in Greater London, offering immediate access to strategic insights, data modelling, and expert support.

Pathways Overview

Explore how Pathways empowers local authorities by filtering homes based on energy efficiency and tenure data, enabling targeted policy interventions and streamlined funding targeting.

Real-world use cases

Learn how Pathways scenarios refine investment criteria, ensuring strategic resource allocation for impactful housing initiatives. Gain insights from real-world use cases illustrating Pathways’ efficacy from analysis to implementation.

Request access below to start tackling your council’s housing challenges and working towards a sustainable, net-zero future.

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  • Strategic retrofit analysis
  • Risk and Compliance assessments
  • Retrofit programme design
  • Targeting Funding

As well as additional tools that integrate with Pathways in order to streamline retrofit delivery.