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In the process of taking the brick walls back to brick, the lath and plaster walls back to studs and the lath and plaster ceiling back to joists a few things were confirmed that are worth sharing…

1. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. The roof laths and plaster contains the fine black dust of age old soot, and it gets deep into your pores.
2. Lath and plaster is heavy
3. We now have enough laths to keep us in kindling for the best part of the next ten years
4. The inner face of brickwork is rough compared to the outside and the degree to which it is rugged will determine which solid wall insulation system would work best.

P10209065. The main point of this post is about the windows

Although not to my taste and not in keeping with the period of the property the double glazed PVC windows ostensibly looked in good condition. The seals are all intact, none of them are blown and they are all tight.

And then the window architrave came off with the plaster walls and huge gaps were discovered between the frame and the brickwork!

All the good work of the tight seals had essentially been rendered useless by poor workmanship during installation.

it just highlights the point that a building is only going to be as good as the detail that goes into it.

In the picture on the left, the light you can see just below the wooden lintel is daylight steaming in. What you can’t see is the hot air pouring out or cold air pouring in during the depths of winter.