Retrofit Programme Design

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to cut carbon and bills, but how do we roll it out when every home, owner and resident is different?

Our service can layer property and demographic data to tailor programmes to local needs and attitudes.

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Every Home is Unique

No single energy efficiency message will appeal to everyone and every home needs its own package of measures. Parity Projects helps clients tailor their retrofit programmes by layering the needs of the property with those of the residents and owners.

Identify opportunities

Our CROHM service identifies a whole house plan for each home in the programme to meet your targets.

Identify needs and attitudes

Working with socio-economic data, we can identify which homes might be most interested, and how best to engage them.

Identify the least cost route

Our approach optimises packages of measures, and you go into procurement knowing the likely market cost.

Adding social value

We belong to RetrofitWorks, which opens up the retrofit market to SMEs and benefits the local economy.