Place Based Retrofit

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to cut carbon and bills, but how do we deliver at scale when every home, owner and resident is unique?

Our data-led advisory service can layer property and demographic data and map it over time to tailor place based retrofit programme development to local needs and attitudes, drivers and constraints.


Every Home is Unique

No single energy efficiency message will appeal to everyone and every home needs its own package of measures. Parity Projects helps clients tailor their retrofit programmes by layering the needs of the property with those of the residents and owners, the availability and potential within the local supply chain, and the requirements of local and national government.

Identify opportunities

Our Pathways or Portfolio data analytics identifies the type and cost of works required to meet energy performance targets.

Identify needs and attitudes

Working with socio-economic data, we can identify which homes might be most interested, and how best to engage owners.

Identify the least cost route

Our evidence-led analysis optimises spending plans, from an individual home's retrofit to the overall business proposition.

Stakeholder engagement

From Citizens Juries to supplier workshops, our approach supports the co-creation of programmes that build momentum from day one.

Plan Builder:
the app for homeowners

The homeowner’s input to retrofit is vital. Our app allows homeowners to update their property information and specify their priorities before generating an initial whole house plan.

This plan improves the homeowner’s confidence by indicating likely costs and measures, empowering them in the next step of booking a visit from a Retrofit Coordinator.

The app can be rebranded to suit the retrofit programme’s needs – contact us to find out more.

A screenshot of the app seeking more information on the home

Edit Home

We show the homeowner what we know about the house. This may not be up-to-date so users are asked to edit anything that doesn’t look right. Checks are made before final designs, but this gives us a good start.

Set Priorities

Every homeowner will have different priorities and budget. Our app lets them focus on carbon or cost, or the best of both, and set a budget for works.

Homeowners are asked what their priorities and budget are

App presents a retrofit plan

Build Plan

Our Plan Builder identifies the best way to reach the homeowner’s goals. It identifies what can be done within their current budget, as part of a whole house decarbonisation plan.

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