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Housing in the North East: On-demand Net Zero Webinar Available now

Housing in the North East faces huge challenges, from the health risks of damp and mould to the urgency of the retrofit required to meet Net Zero. We need to deploy resources efficiently, which relies on having the right data at your fingertips, along with smart analysis to surface the opportunities that will have the biggest impact. Gain immediate access to strategic insights, data modelling and expert support through this licensed tool.

Pathways to Net Zero Housing in the North East

Date of Webinar Recording: Wednesday 10th April 2024
Recording link: Please fill out the form below to get instant access to the webinar recording


In this webinar, Dr Peter Griffin, Head of Pathways Services at Parity Projects, provided insights into the journey towards sustainable housing in the North East. From identifying risk factors to designing effective retrofit programmes, Peter’s expertise sheds light on navigating the complex landscape of housing transformation.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding risk and compliance in housing management
  • Strategies for targeting retrofit programmes effectively
  • Harnessing data for informed decision-making
  • Integration of Pathways and Portfolio for comprehensive solutions
  • Real-world examples illustrating successful implementation

Understanding Risk and Compliance:

Peter elaborated on the significance of Pathways in predicting and addressing HHSRS housing risks such as damp and mould. Leveraging data analytics empowers local authorities to proactively target at-risk homes and allocate resources efficiently.

Cost-effectiveness and Flexibility:

Pathways offers a cost-effective solution with its flexible approach to data integration and analysis. Peter underscored the tool’s adaptability in catering to diverse housing portfolios and regulatory requirements.

Strategies for Success:

From compliance enforcement to funding allocation, Peter outlined strategic approaches for achieving sustainable housing goals. Pathways empowers local authorities to design tailored interventions and effectively engage stakeholders.

Access the Recorded Webinar:

Unlock insights from Peter’s webinar and embark on the journey towards sustainable housing in the North East. Access the recorded webinar now to gain actionable strategies and best practices for housing transformation.

This webinar is for local authority staff across local authorities in the North East, so do share with colleagues.

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