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A Partnership for People & the Planet

Last week we launched our new Partnership with Ecotricity. It’s an exciting prospect for us to have a relationship with such an innovative company, and one that shares so many of the same values as us. And, according to Ecotricity’s Partnerships Account Manager, Jacob Windsor, it seems the feeling’s mutual:

“We are delighted to have Parity Projects on board. It’s great to work with organisations that share our ethics and are focused on actions not just talk. Responsible energy use and reducing energy use is really important to Ecotricity and it is great to be able to point customers and staff in the right direction with companies like Parity Projects.”

At a time when energy companies are getting clobbered about consumer bills, it’s vital to remember that there is no real substitute for energy efficiency if we want to reduce bills. It’s not about one-off price freezes, simpler tariffs, or easier switching. We hope that through the partnership we can help Ecotricity make sure that its customers use less, and pay less permanently – to the benefit of the planet and their pockets!