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To all our friends, clients and the retrofit sector,

First we want to extend our hope that you all remain safe and healthy, and our particular thanks to all our clients who have been redeployed into local aid efforts.

Here at Parity we have now settled into our new work patterns around homeschooling, volunteering, and the all-important daily exercise, somehow leaving time in the day for our ongoing focus of preparing homes for the future.   

We want to know how we can help keep minds focussed in the challenging weeks or perhaps months ahead. This is not just about our environmental concerns, or business continuity, but about supporting staff wellbeing – both ours and yours – by giving people opportunities for online engagement.

All our business-as-usual services remain in place, and we’re pleased to see no decline in client use and engagement with our analysts. But we know that people may feel increasingly isolated from the issues and each other.

With this in mind please consider how we can help you to push on through, whether you’re at the beginning of your retrofit planning, you’re interested in training or workshops, or now want to convert your plans into action.

Whilst we sit at what is likely to be only the start of this new way of working, we know more challenges will follow, but we also know we can continue to deliver the services you need to hit the ground running as we come out the other side. As Greta Thunberg said recently, “there is a lot of talk about returning to ‘normal’ after the COVID-19 outbreak. But normal was a crisis”.  Let’s get ready.