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Internal wall insulation and windows

This posting is mainly a lot of photos showing some of the detailing around the windows. 


The key thing to note is that because we have replace the windows, the thicker sash boxes that are needed to accommodate the thicker windows meant that the boxes stuck out further than the wall.  This means in effect there are no reveals.  This picture shows the box sticking into the room past the brickwork.


In order to eliminate any cold bridging the insulation was continues over the box frame.  This was achieved by cutting a section on the rear out so that it could overlap. Any gap was then filled with PU foam.


The overlap was then chamfered to allow in more light.  And all joints foamed and taped.


It’s a good idea to take lots of photos so that there is a record for any fixings such as shelves or radiators at a later date.  Remember to write on the wall what you are trying to show – and the location.


This photo records the distances that we will need to know for fitting a curtain rail.


This is just a picture of a the insulation installed with battens prior to plasterboarding.
Half way through plasterboarding and window board is installed.


Plasterboarding the reveals – plasterboard is held by adhesive PU foam.

The overlap was then cut off.


And a skim added.


Top of window detail.

10 Ned's Room

As you can see, once it’s all installed you hardly notice and if you weren’t told you wouldn’t know any different.