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Green Deal & ECO Charts for October

We thought it was worth posting some graphs providing an overview of Green Deal and ECO performance extracted from the official figures published by Ofgem. Their summary reports tend to focus on cumulative totals so we’ve worked up some other views.  Its probably too early to spot trends, so we’ve left the commentary to a minimum this time.  We’ll publish more as the months go by and add more commentary – or you can do so in the comments section below. Feel free.

The first graph is the number of Green Deal Assessments carried out per month.  Don’t forget that many at the beginning were 100% funded.

Green Deal Assessments October 2013

Next is the number of new Green Deal Plans started and also those that have gone live. We’re looking forward to more conversions soon. Green Deal Plans October 2013

Finally, focussing on ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and the CERO (Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation) in particular which is mainly work on solid wall insulation and hard to treat cavities – i.e. the big two.

CERO solid wall and Hard to Treat Cavities October 2013