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Green Deal and ECO Charts for January 2014

Our latest chart from January figures published by DECC and Ofgem with a bit or commentary above each. These charts all show absolute values for the month and are not cumulative.

Green Deal Assessments

The number of Green Deal Assessments was down again on November – and quite a lot. This could be due to a number of reasons including a natural decline but also the impact of ECO funding being thrown into the political blender.  It was never clear how many of the assessments were for ECO work anyway.
Graph of January 2014 Green Deal Assessments


Green Deal Plans

Graph of January 2014 Green Deal Plans

The next graph shows that by year end 341 plans had gone live – 3.4 percent of Greg Barker’s target. Again the number of new plans started hasn’t shown any significant increase so don’t expect there to be much of a jump in the January figures.


 Green Deal Measures

A new graph for this month is the number of measures installed using Green Deal Finance. A funny thing occurs when you compare this to the graph above…the number of New Live Plans per month for December is greater than the measures installed! Of course this means that the measures are installed before the plan goes live but it also means you can expect the number of New Live Plans to drop off over the next few months – have we hit Peak Plans?  

Also worth pointing out that the 283 measures installed with Green Deal Finance had to be shared between the 2,353 installer organisations – slim pickings.

Graph of January 2014 Green Deal Measures Installed

What are these measures?

  • 32% were gas boilers
  • 22% were PV panels,
  • 18% were external wall insulation
  • 10% were loft insulation
  • 9% were heating controls
  • 8% cylinder insulation and cylinder thermostats

Essentially, 18% were for things that might not have happened as a matter of course and will actually have a large effect – 260 measures.


You’ll be hearing a lot more about ECO over the next few months, including issues relating to monopolies due to some suppliers meeting their obligations and only a few, who also have installer supply chains, remaining in the game.

Last month we highlighted that the dip in solid wall in October had been righted. Well it appear it was only for 1 month.  Expect that figure to drop a lot in January – the amount traded through brokerage in December was about 2% of that in November! A reminder that I’m just concentrating on CERO for these series of graphs.


Not a very good end to the year.