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How was our EPC score affected?

I suddenly realised that I’ve never published our Energy Performance Certificate figures for our house prior to and after our renovation. The Energy Performance is the document you get when you buy or rent a property, or that you need to get the Feed In Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive. It’s a bit of a blunt instrument, designed as a benchmarking tool so shouldn’t be used as the basis for giving advice.

energy rating

Thanks to the electric storage heaters, gas room fires and solid walls our before energy cost rating (SAP rating) was F32 and our Environmental Rating was G12.

And after they were B87 and B89 respectively.

In reality it would be really really hard to get our property any higher – my colleague David spent some time trying all sorts of totally cost ineffective measures and still only just got there (i.e. to 91 for either).