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Pioneering Energy Saving Home Improvements with Green Home Finance Accelerator Funding

We are thrilled to announce that Parity Projects’ Ecofurb service has received £699,610 funding, courtesy of the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero’s Green Home Finance Accelerator, part of the £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

The Government aims to support new ways of giving families access to funding to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Ecofurb will now be able to do this nationally, through a mix of independent advice, trusted installers and links to lenders and independent financial advice.

As well as a direct service for homeowners, Ecofurb has options for lenders, local authorities and community groups to get involved.

Why Choose Ecofurb?

Ecofurb offers a seamless journey to transform your house into a cosy, energy-efficient home. With a four-year track record in London, leveraging Parity’s Ashden award-winning service, Ecofurb has evolved into a comprehensive national offering through the Government’s Green Home Finance Accelerator.

Key Features of Ecofurb:

  1. Support for lenders, local authorities and community groups:
    • Gain access to an efficient, proven service with options including area opportunity analysis, CRM, KPI reporting, quality assurance, installer links and branded advice site.
  2. Free Online Advice:
    • Explore and optimize your home’s energy performance with this accessible platform, catering to all homeowners.
  3. Expert Advice:
    • Choose from core energy assessments and add-ons like architectural drawings, air-pressure testing, and 360° walkthroughs for a comprehensive retrofit plan.
  4. Tailored Whole House Plans:
    • Collaborate with the Ecofurb team to customize a plan for your home, addressing immediate needs or phasing improvements over time.
  5. Support with Installation:
    • Options include free independent financial advice, grant funding checks, and competitive quotes from trusted installer partners.
  6. Quality Assurance:
    • Connect with partner installers backed by a national team of retrofit coordinators to assure quality.
  7. Verification:
    • Options to verify the completion of work, providing reassurance tailored to your – or your lender’s – requirements.

Project Partners:

Ecofurb’s vision is brought to life through collaboration with industry leaders. Partners include advice experts Parity Projects, finance partner Santander, and organizations spanning the supply chain, such as CoreLogic, Loco Home Retrofit, and CSE. Independent financial advice from Knight Frank Finance is also available for customers who have not been referred by one of our lender partners.

Available Now:

Any local authorities, lenders, and community organizations committed to simplifying homeowners’ decarbonization journeys – Contact Us!

If you’re a homeowner ready to embark on your Ecofurb journey, click here to get started!

About Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero provides dedicated leadership focused on delivering security of energy supply, ensuring properly functioning markets, greater energy efficiency and seizing the opportunities of net zero to lead the world in new green industries.

The funding from the Green Home Finance Accelerator comes from the department’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio which provides funding for low-carbon technologies and systems and aims to decrease the costs of decarbonisation helping enable the UK to end its contribution to climate change.