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Demo House Energy Use Update May 2015

It’s been a while since I updated the energy use figures for our demo house…..not because it’s performing badly though.  In fact it continues to perform really really well.  As there is so much data now I’ve split it out into three graphs.  I’ve shown them in terms of £ rather than kWh as this makes most sense to most people.  I’ve also back dated the rates to what I currently pay so that they are directly comparable.

A graph showing the electricity energy use to May 2015

In this graph we show how much electricity we import and how much we generate.  You can see that our imported electricity is reasonably constant over the three years.  Similarly we have a fairly consistent generation pattern with variations month on month depending on how sunny it has been.  The anomaly in February and March last year was due to a broken inverter.  I’m glad it broke in the winter!  It was still in warranty, so was replaced for free.

A graph showing the gas energy use to May 2015

The next graph shows our gas use. We are looking pretty similar to last year.  2013 was much higher at the start of the year as the house still wasn’t finished and had some holes – such as the front door being off for a week!  It was also a very cold year.


A graph showing the net energy use to May 2015

The final graph shows the net bills.  The good news is that this year’s line is below the other two.  Its going to get even better now as each quarter starting this June I will be getting a payment from the Renewable Heat Incentive – which works out around £15 a month.  I’ll reflect this going forward.