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Hope Villa December energy use update

Its been 2 months since my last blog update saying I was looking forward to the the first proper winter of energy monitoring. I’ve updated the graph below to show figures up to the 1st December energy use. Obviously the gas use has picked up a touch.

Up to 1st December energy use figures

Compared to Last Year

How does this compare to last year when we hadn’t finished the works and had the front door off for a while? I don’t have month by month figures but estimate that we used 3540kWh of gas in October, November and December. So far this year we’ve used 896kWh. Firstly this shows that we are well on track to have a much lower gas use this year – we’ll see when we get all the December energy figures in.  Secondly is shows why we have front doors!

Energy Costs

I thought I’d also add a graph showing the monthly energy costs (or revenues) for my house. The light green are negative due to the Feed In Tariff.  The purple shows the net which this year will be around -£250 and hopefully even more negative next year.

Up to December energy costs and revenues