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Cutting ECO – a killer Christmas present?

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics today reveal that excess winter deaths were up 29% last year, with the UK experiencing a greater rate than other many other European countries – even those with much colder climates. Yet, for all the headlines, we have some of the lowest energy prices on the continent.

It’s not exactly rocket science, then, to draw the conclusion that it’s actually the poor state of our homes that are causing the problem, and that a concerted effort to improve their energy efficiency is the solution. Yet at the moment we are hearing more every day about the Goverment’s plans to roll-back the ECO energy efficiency programme.

Does that sound like a sensible plan, especially in the light of reports of a record-breakingly cold winter ahead? Sounds like a killer Christmas present…

Read the letter to the Chancellor from the Energy Bill Revolution that we signed about protecting ECO.