“Parity Projects’ Portfolio helps Optivo by giving us the big picture needed for strategic decisions and the detail needed to plan and deliver individual projects.”



Our market-leading housing stock assessment tool Portfolio helps Registered Providers and private landlords, whether they want to act on fuel poverty, meet their SAP and heat demand targets, or develop Net Zero plans.

Our additional service Portfolio Plus provides the consultancy required to define and develop an action plan that meets your strategic goals and operational constraints.

data analytics

Why use our Portfolio tool to manage the energy performance of your housing stock?

  • Incorporate multiple data sources to reflect the drivers of your energy-related work programmes
  • Use our reports, or generate your own with our simple wizards, to make sense of complex data
  • Work with data specific to your individual properties, not generic archetypes
  • Manage the quality of the energy performance data to give you confidence when making decisions
  • Get an independent view as the analysis is not linked to any specific measure, brand or contractor

business needs

Our clients use the software to plan and deliver their energy efficiency programmes:

  • Identify the least cost route to Net Zero
  • Report on homes at risk of fuel poverty, and the measures necessary to remove this risk
  • Identify opportunities to get ECO, RHI and grant-funding
  • Comply with current and potential minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES)
  • Integrate retrofit with wider asset management and investment plans
  • Calculate costs of works to inform and improve procurement decisions
  • Generate maps and other graphics to engage internal and external stakeholders
  • Report on the benefit of energy efficiency programmes

Profile stock

Use profiling charts and downloadable address lists to report on properties of interest, such as those with a low SAP rating, or with too little loft insulation or inefficient boilers.

Data visualisation

Use charts and interactive graphics to develop and communicate policies and programmes, layering energy performance data with other factors such as planned works or voids.

Prioritise action

Identify properties for intervention whether targets are fuel poverty, heat demand, net zero targets, ensuring compliance with minimum energy efficiency standards; or reacting to opportunities such as void periods.

Data confidence

Understand and manage data quality to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of intervention programmes.