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Our CROHM stock assessment service has been featured in the National Housing Federation‘s new briefing for social housing providers “Business Planning for Energy Efficiency and Renewables”.

The briefing – developed in collaboration with us, Sustainable Homes and the Carbon Savings Alliance – is intended to help registered providers build retrofit programmes that are deliverable even in the absence of significant Government grants (such as ECO). Key to this is making sure that retrofit is no longer seen as a “stand-alone” activity:

“…energy efficiency improvements should be integrated and planned into asset management programmes, rather than approached as standalone ‘retrofit’ because this is more efficient, economic and reduces the disruption for residents.”

That sort of approach is one that we strongly endorse here at Parity, with a CROHM stock assessment offering the perfect way to ensure that retrofit programmes are properly integrated and delivered at minimum cost. Russell Smith, our Managing Director, commented:

“It’s great to see the NHF promoting a more thoughtful approach to retrofit. For too long, retrofit has followed the money, often off a cliff! By bringing retrofit into ‘business as usual’ we can hopefully make sure that it’s done properly, and in a way that is sustainable – in every sense of the word – over the long term.”

The briefing can be downloaded from the NHF’s website.