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CROHM gets a facelift

In anticipation of some major developments to our CROHM service (watch this space…), we’ve given our CROHM stock assessment outputs a bit of a face lift and integrated a whole series of improvements we’ve made for individual clients over the last few years into the standard offering. Essentially we’ve made the report and underlying data far more accessible and engaging making it ideal for inclusion into summaries for executives and Boards. We have also developed a suite of interactive datasheets designed to be interrogated and utilised on a daily basis.

Executive Summaries

Our report is now fronted by a focused and visually appealing executive summary, meaning all the key facts, figures and charts are always to hand and easily comparable with one another. These fact sheets are designed to allow readers to quickly get up-to-speed with the results of the CROHM without having to get involved with the details

       Baseline Stock Summary                   Investment scenario breakdowns

Executive Summary Current                Executive Summary - scenarios

Improved Visuals

As you get into the report there is a wealth of visual information to help you understand your stock.  Here are a couple of examples, the first breaks out your stock by the wall type and the second by heating system and boiler efficiency, and the third by SAP score and RP division:





There are so many ways to slice and dice your stock, we identify and present the most informative and useful for your needs and audience.

We certainly haven’t dispatched any of the old favourites though, such as the minimum SAP chart below. This chart quickly allows you to understand  the details of different long term SAP targets, and as it is based on individual properties you can also drill down to individual measures for individual properties. 

Investment Scenarios

A CROHM always includes a number of investment scenarios, analysing for example specific minimum SAP targets, planned works programmes, estate or measures focused subsets, funding potential and fuel poverty.  Alongside the detail each of these now have an A3 summary page presented in a consistent format that gives you all the facts at your fingertips. Here is an example of a minimum SAP scenario:

Details results and all your data

As mentioned above, the report is now targeted at the strategic and engagement level.  For day to day works management and specific programme design, we have made the spreadsheet far more useful and user friendly.  You can use it to drill right down to individual properties, and determine specific works to carry out.

As before, we can still provide all your cleansed data back (with detailed clone codes) ready for import back into you asset management system.

Do contact us and we can send you some more detailed examples.

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