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Our bills

We’ve just collected our latest figures for our energy use now we’re had the first full year of a completed house – and we want to shout about it!

Here are the headlines:

1)      Actual gas use for the last 12 months is 5555 kWh, or £254 per year before standing charge – outperforming expectations by a country mile.

2)      Net CO2 is 11kg/m2/year or 1.78 tonnes per annum or 445g per person, that’s well over a 90% reduction from what it is predicted to have been using.

3)      Total net energy bills: minus £441 excluding standing charge or minus £278 including standing charge

4)      Estimated savings over standard renovation: £2,758 = 9.8 year payback

Remember – this is a 4 bedroom semi semi house with 24/7 occupancy. We were helped a bit by the unusually warm winter so we’ll keep updating the figures as long as we live there.


The Low Energy Building Database and CarbonBuzz have slightly different calculations for Primary energy and kgCO2 emissions.  Here they are:

Low Carbon Building Database:

kgCO2/m2.yr                                      Forecast     20         Measured   15

Primary Energy: kWh/m2.yr              Forecast     96         Measured   75


kgCO2/m2.yr                                      Forecast      24.6     Measured 14.3

kWh/m2.yr                                          Forecast    106.7     Measured 48.7