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Assessment of School Buildings and other Non-Domestic Properties

Here at Parity we like a challenge, so we have recently been looking at what services we can offer to the owners/managers of different types of non-domestic buildings. Whilst we’ve been looking at all sorts of buildings; places of worship, community centres, offices to name but a few, the idea of providing consultancy services to schools strikes us as a particularly interesting one – not least because schools contribute around 2% of UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Schools also importantly have annual budgets for building maintenance and upgrades, which are usually an ideal opportunity to integrate energy saving measures, i.e. one school who recently engaged us were about to have a flat roof upgraded and were particularly interested in finding out what the marginal costs and potential savings/income from installing a solar photovoltaic array at the same time were.

We are currently keen to talk to any schools / local authorities who might be looking at rolling out energy efficiency measures and want to know where to start.