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Another month another drop in energy use

The annual total energy use continues to drop every month we move forward and get to replace last years leaky house figures with new figures.  At the end of December our gas use stood at 8,187kWh, now another month later the figure for the 12 months to the end of January 2014 is 7,683kWh.

Some of the decrease is of course the milder weather compared to last year’s record breaking cold, but the latest figures do still include last February and March.

Energy Graphs

Below are our energy use figures for the 13 month period we have so far.  The first is in kWh for gas and electricity and the second shows the monthly costs, Feed in tariff figures (with 2014 tariff figures and energy prices).

Energy use to Feb2014

Monthly costs to Feb14

I’ve also split out the standing charges. The good news is that we’re now on a single tariff rather than a lowering block tariff that punishes energy efficiency and and energy use constraint. The bad news is that high standing charges still punish low users.

Interesting highlights:

Annual bills before Feed in Tariff payments: £837

Annual bills after Feed in Tariff payments: -£193

Gas use for the summer 6 months: 571kWh (for hot water and cooking)

Annual standing charges: £164 or 20% of our bills

Target 12month gas figure come end April: 7,000kWh or 42kWh/m2