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Am I the only one looking forward to the winter heating season?

With the house almost finished from an energy point of view – a little bit of work on some ceiling spots left, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the meter readings during the upcoming heating season. I started taking monthly gas, generated electricity and imported electricity readings on the 1st January. I’m looking forward to seeing how it stacks up for the first year as well as how the readings for this January to March compare – it can’t be that cold (outside) again can it?

Energy use graph to end September

The graph shows our gas use has been fairly minuscule since then end of April.  Actually for June, July and August it was probably 100% for cooking as the solar thermal had a very good summer. Its not showing any rise yet and the wood burner yet to be kicked into action this autumn.

As I’ve said before, I’m expecting a larger than average first year of bills due to holes and a very cold winter. ¬†The blog update in April/May 2014 promises to be an interesting comparison should we have a more normal winter.