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There are plenty of super eco-renovations that take place each year with the best of the best installed at top prices (and all to often some gimicks). Often these projects show that amazing reductions can be achieved…if you are willing to pay a lot of money. In many circumstances it would be cheaper and easier to rebuild the house from scratch!

Our emphasis at Parity Projects is to help people who don’t have infinite budgets, work out how best to achieve large energy savings and COreductions without costing the earth or over carry out upgrades over time.

Our eco-renovation is being undertaken with that in mind. In addition every cost is being tracked and categorised to the degree of ‘eco’ it includes.  Examples are the insulation – full eco credentials, wood burner – some eco but some luxury, replacing the inappropriate PVC double glazing with new double glazed wooden sashes – pure indulgency.

We’re also carrying out most of the work to the main house ourselves. There are limits to this on the gas and electric sides but lots of the meanial work of electrics and plumbing can be done by us.

By us I mean our DIY team which includes: my Dad – a superstar who can turn his hand to pretty much anything and do it very very well.  He’s so useful on the planning and doing sides. My wife – part time labourer, designer, researcher and
more than her share of childcare. My mum – ideas and childcare that lets us crack on. My father in law for advice on the electrics.