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Wood burning stove installed

We’ve just had a wood burning stove installed. It may turn out to be a bit of a luxury item but maybe not.  To begin with we’ll have to restrict its use to when there is adequate full eyes on supervision with our two little boys so maybe it’ll be limited to evenings and weekends.  We opted for a MORSØ Ø4. Importantly it’s DEFRA approved for use in smokeless control areas. Its heat output is low at 2-5kW but we’re hoping our heat needs are also very low! Its also got a stated efficiency of 81% (although this isn’t all that useful a figure).

We had a new flue liner installed and the chimney backfilled with Vermiculite around the liner.

We had it on a couple of days ago (end October) and it took the room up to 24 degrees. I haven’t ordered a log delivery yet as need to get the patio down and log store built, but there are plenty of suppliers who deliver wood wholly sourced from Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

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