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2013 Hope Villa figures on CarbonBuzz and Low Energy Building Database

We’ve now got our first calendar year of bills (as opposed to first consecutive months) and its starting to look really good. Our Hope Villa figures for the first full year of a completed house will be around May but the difference that our additional works (and a mild Autumn) have made have been significant. The gas use was 8,041kWh, imported electricity 2,273 kWh and generated electricty 2,047kWh. ¬†Don’t forget this is for a 3 storey, 4 bedroom Victorian house, with 24 hour occupancy and the coldest January, February and March in 50 years. Please go to the sites below to get more details.

The Low Energy Building Database behind the scenes calculations show that our measured Primary Energy use was 91kWh/m2.year against a predicted 96kWh/m2.year. The annual CO2 was 18kgC02/m2.year against a predicted¬†20kgC02/m2.year. It’s not often your energy use is better than predicted; something called the rebound effect means that usually the energy in use is more than predicted.


CarbonBuzz 2013 figures for Hope Villa


Low Energy Building Database

Low Energy Building 2013 Hope Villa figures